Sex Driven Script Puts the ‘OH in Ohio’


Thanks to one of our ‘in the know’ users (we’ll call him ‘OH Bits’ for the purpose of this article) we have a nice bit of news on a little talked about movie called The OH in Ohio. The film stars Danny DeVito, Paul Rudd, Parker Posey, Mischa Barton, David Arquette, Liza Minnelli and Robert John Burke and seems destined for next year’s festival circuit.

The film tells the story of a young woman (Posey) married to her childhood sweetheart and seemingly blessed with the perfect life, except that she has never had an orgasm. When she leaves her husband, he tries to regain his manhood by pursuing a young student (Barton).

Let me tell you right now, based on the script pages ‘OH Bits’ sent us, the synopsis is just a teaser of things to come, and “come” they will.

I will take a second here to post a nice little disclaimer for the kiddies browsing this article. This movie will be rated R at the very least so if you are under the age of 17 runaway right now… go on… we will wait…

Okay, I had to do that because ‘OH Bits’ was kind enough to forward over four pages from the script and lucky for us “of age” readers it is a preview of four of the more raunchier scenes from the flick. Yeah, I said raunchy, and yeah, this movie stars Parker Posey and Mischa Barton. So what of it?

Considering The OH in Ohio isn’t exactly the prime film on a lot of radars, I should mention this whole thing started from a post in our forums here where one of our users gave us the following info:

I filmed a (hopefully) pretty funny scene with Parker Posey where she has an orgasm in the middle of a boardroom presentation because she has her pager on vibrate down her pants – hope it doesn’t get cut.

This was enough to get my interest peaked, as well as the interest of ‘OH Bits’. As soon as ‘OH Bits’ saw the post, he had to get in on the party and he forwarded us a few pages of the script. However, I should tell you one more story before you read the pages. The script insinuates that some Barton boobies are in order to get this film made, but apparently Barton boobies will not be seen. ‘OH Bits’ tells us:

Also found something out this weekend. Bad news for most – Mischa used a body double.

There’s a bit of a story to that also. The casting director or someone was driving through Cleveland and knowing they needed a double, saw a naked woman standing on her front porch. Immediately they determined she would fit the mold and went right up and asked her. Apparently she had been arguing with her old man about always being naked near their windows and to piss him off she went out on the porch nude. Talk about good timing.

That story seems a bit out there, but he vouches that it is legit, so what the hell? I am down.

This brings us to our script pages, which I have added to the movie still gallery in The OH for Ohio pages, but before you go let me tell you a bit of information.

I have put up a key on the pages so you know who is playing who in each scene described, but here is a rundown given to us by ‘OH Bits’ before you get there:

· Pic 1 – Priscilla (Parker Posey) and Justine (was supposed to be Heather Graham, but is now Logan Mackey!?!?)
· Pic 2 – Kristen (Mischa Barton) and Jack (Paul Rudd)
· Pic 3 – Kristen and Jack
· Pic 4 – Kristen, Jack, and Binky (Robert John Burke)

Now that is out of the way, click here or on the teaser pic below to check out the rest… and enjoy! Thanks to ‘OH Bits’ for the news!

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