Statham Cranks it Up for LGF


Personally I think Jason Statham is one of the coolest cats in Hollywood and any time there is casting news as far as he is concerned is good news for us and that is just what we have today as we learn the man currently known as “The Transporter” will be starring in Crank for Lions Gate Films.

Variety describes the feature as a mayhem-driven pic will track a hit man’s one-day rampage through the streets of Los Angeles after learning he’s been poisoned. You tell me, can Statham bring this to life or not? The role sounds perfect, not because I think Jason is some deranged hitman just waiting to go postal on Los Angeles, just because he kicks much ass.

The film is expected to begin filming in October in the City of Angels with writing team Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor will be making their directorial debuts helming the picture.

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