Carrey and Stiller are a Couple of ‘Used Guys’

As far as the world of comedy goes I am not exactly a huge fan as of late. Will Ferrell is always doing the same thing, Steve Carell is not exactly my cup-o-tea and Ben Stiller has saturated Hollywood to the point that my dislike for his films has turned into utter hatred and now I learn that Jim Carrey is about to sucumb to the Stiller co-star tactic as the two are in early talks to star in the Jay Roach directed comedy Used Guys for 20th Century Fox.

Apparently this little picture has been in the works for some time between Stiller and Roach and now that Carrey is interested the project has sparked to life and may begin shooting as early as next spring.

The film is set in a futuristic world where women run the Earth and men became extinct because they ingested an enhancement drink that proved fatal. Carrey and Stiller will play clones rendered obsolete by superior models whose enhancements include better listening and lovemaking skills. The scorned clones make a run for it, bent on regaining their dignity by searching for a male nirvana known as Mantopia.

I will only be able to jump onboard with this one once I learn that Ben Stiller will not be putting on 10,000 different costumes and running around like a man whose brain is only partially attached. Jim Carrey’s antics I can stomach to a point but as for Stiller the guy has run his course, after seven films in 2004 and the worst movie of 2003 (Duplex) I don’t see why anyone would pay their hard earned money to watch this guy on screen.


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