Craig Joins Kidman in ‘Invasion’


With all the 007 talk swirling around Daniel Craig a while back and his starring turn in Layer Cake and upcoming supporting role in Steven Spielberg’s Munich due out in December you would think he is the next big thing, and he just may be as he just landed a starring role opposite Nicole Kidman in Warner Bros. remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which will be simply titled Invasion.

Filming on the feature begins next month with Oliver Hirschbiegel behind the lense making his English-language directorial debut. the film will find Craig playing a doctor who helps Kidman’s character figure out how to save her 10-year-old son from being overtaken by aliens. The boy’s fate could hold the key to stopping the entire human race from being decimated.

I should also mention that the studio is trying not to call this film a remake considering the script from David Kajganich has been deemed different enough from the original film that this one is now being considered unique.

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