‘Cinderella’ Comeback


The Russell Crowe starrer Cinderella Man had a really hard time at the box-office garnering a meager $61 million, which for the caliber of film it was just doesn’t do it justice, but Universal is not giving up.

While the film will hit DVD shelves in December in a single disc and two-disc special edition Universal has plans to re-release the picture in theaters prior to the DVD release.

Variety compared the move to Uni’s attempts with Seabiscuit a few years back, but I see it as an obvious attempt to earn a few more dollars as well as gain some attention from the Academy. I do, however, have to assume this one will at least earn a few Oscar noms, considering it is easily one of the best films of the year, if not the best. Just as a side note however, Seabiscuit didn’t win any Oscars, but it was nominated for seven of them including Best Picture.

The Variety article finishes up by telling us a few details on the DVD release, check it out below:

Cinderella Man… will include three commentaries, six featurettes and deleted scenes. It will also be available as a two-disc gift set with more deleted scenes and featurettes.

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