So Much ‘X-Men 3’ Casting News!


IGN FilmForce certainly seems to have the inside track on the casting info for the upcoming X-Men 3 feature and it seems Fox is not holding anything back when it comes to casting the bigger names in this film, just check out the quote below:

IGN has learned that Oscar-nominated Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo has joined the growing ensemble cast of X-Men 3. Sources advised us that she will portray a character named Dr. Rao.

The site continues:

“Doctor Kavita Rao, a world-renowned geneticist, had claimed that she had developed a serum, called Hope, which could ‘cure’ mutants of their mutation. While hundreds of mutants immediately signed up for the procedure at Benetech, the corporate backer of Rao’s research, the X-Men debated the societal meaning of this: someone comparing mutation to a disease. Still, the chance at being “normal” has weighed heavily on Hank McCoy’s mind, as he considered the ability to no longer be ‘a Beast.'”

Click here for the rest of that story, but wait… there’s more.

This isn’t the first bit of casting news IGN has come up with in the last few days and while I have updated the cast list on the X-Men 3 movie page on the site, I have not yet written a formal article, so here goes the rest, this all comes from this article here:

  1. Predator actor Bill Duke has joined the cast of X-Men 3… Sources indicate that Duke actually portrays a politician in The President’s cabinet.
  2. Portraying the role of Warren Worthington, Sr., father of Angel (Ben Foster), is Michael Murphy (perhaps best known to fanboys as the mayor of Gotham City in Batman Returns).
  3. British actress Olivia Williams has been cast as Dr. Moira MacTaggert

…and as if all that wasn’t enough I found out, while I was updating the cast information for the upcoming Fox thriller Transporter 2 that the dirty blonde, Katie Nauta, playing the female assassin Lola in the film has apparently been cast in X3 as well according to While the site does not announce what role she will be playing, it certainly does have her down for a role. Transporter 2 will be Nauta’s first acting assignment.

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