Bright is Leech in ‘X-Men 3’


Cameron Bright, that little boy that starred in the shitty horror flick Godsend with Robert De Niro and was Nicole Kidman’s bath partner in Birth, has apparently just been cast in X-Men 3 as a character named Leech.

The news comes to us from Comic Book Movie, here is a snippet:

Actor Cameron Bright who previously appeared in the Godsend and The Butterfly Effect movies will now be playing the role of Leech in X-Men 3. In the comics Leech is also the best friend of Artie who was played by Bryce Hodgson in X2.

I did some digging over at the MarvelDirectory to see just who the hell this little character is and here is a bit of what I found:

Leech is a living “power dampener” who causes the cessation of power in other living beings with superhuman abilities, mutant or otherwise. The superhuman powers of such beings cease to function within a certain radius of Leech’s whereabouts. Leech has made great strides in controlling this ability and may condense his dampener field within inches of his body with great concentration. The furthest Leech has been able to project this field was up to a radius of 30 feet. It is generally assumed, however, that Leech’s control over his power will increase with age.

To get the backstory on this guy click here, and for more on X-Men 3 click here.

X-Men 3 is currently shooting in Vancouver, Canada and is set for a May 26, 2006 release.

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