The ‘Sin City’ DVD Double Dip x 4


It is no secret that I despise the double-dipping efforts studios have been taking with their DVD releases but I have to say the upcoming Sin City DVD release on August 16th may just take the cake.

Not only do we all know that Robert Rodriguez has special things planned for a large scale DVD release, we also know that the upcoming release is going to be bare bones, meaning only the movie and one behind the scenes special feature. Rodriquez, while promoting the theatrical release told us this:

“We shot the full stories of the books, and I knew we could truncate it down, knowing that we weren’t going to lose any scenes; eventually they would all be available for people to see,” Rodriguez said. “So the DVD will come out with the theatrical cut, and then there’ll be a separate disc that’s got the individual episodes separated with their own title card, and you can just watch ‘The Big Fat Kill’ from beginning to end, in the full cut as a single story, and then switch over and watch ‘That Yellow Bastard’ and that’s 45 minutes. It’ll have all the material back in. So it’ll be like the experience of picking up the book, where you pick up one story and you read it from beginning to end. And it’ll have all the material in it. You can shuffle your own version of the movie and just watch them all separately.”

He said a lot more, for the full story click here.

Beyond that Buena Vista is not only going bare bones with this first wave of Sin City, it is going to give you four options on how it will look on your shelves, who knows maybe you will buy all four and really support the unworthy cause. Below you will find four slip covers that will be available for the DVD. The first one is what the cover on the actual case will be and the four following will be that cardboard slipcase that has become so popular with DVD releases as of late.

You can click on any of the covers for a much larger version, but once you are done, head on down to the bottom of this article and let us all in on your thoughts on the double-dip and whether or not you will be purchasing this edition of Sin City.

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