Vin Diesel is ‘The Retriever’

ON is reporting a story out of the Hollywood Reporter and since they dove a bit deeper into the story than necessary I am choosing to credit them, but there is much more credit due as you will soon see.

First off Vin Diesel is not my favorite actor, he hasn’t done anything too note-worthy that anyone can actually say warrants him any great acclaim, yet he sticks in the news and now it is announced that he will be taking his second attempt at a James Bond style character in a movie called The Retriever.

The boys at JoBlo went ahead and scanned on over to the VinXperience and also learned a bit more as the Diesel fan site found out a plot synopsis from the German company funding the picture, here is how that read:

“The whole world is threatened by an apocalyptic weapon, which originates from the death zone of Tschernobyl, having been left behind after the accident in the power plant. Rebels, having nothing to loose, are now threatening to use it. Pure action and thrills are making THE RETRIEVER both a huge cinema action film as well as a success to be in the world-wide DVD box office.”

Honestly, Vin is an action star and always will be, that is unless his upcoming courtroom drama Find Me Guilty shows a side of him we haven’t seen, but for him to do a movie in which THR describes as having Diesel star as a one-man army fighting to save the world from nuclear apocalypse has disaster written all over it.

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