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Back when Kelsey Grammar was announced as the man behind the big blue beast for X-Men 3 it was also announced that Maggie Grace of the hit TV show “Lost” was in negotiations to take on the role of the mutant Kitty Pryde. It was then rumored about a month after that that Grace may be out but there was no word on her replacement, now that has all changed.

IGN FilmForce has announced that Ellen Page (Hard Candy) is set to take on the role of the young mutant that can pass through walls, a process described as phasing. She was known by several names throughout the X-Men comic series but ultimately came to be known as Shadowcat.

When Pryde was first recruited by the X-Men she was only 13-years-old, which makes the fact that Ellen Page is only 15-years-old that much more of a story match, especially considering Maggie Grace is just shy of 22.

X-Men 3 begins filming next week in Vancouver, under the direction of Brett Ratner and is set for a May 26, 2006 release.

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