New ‘Sky High’ Character Profiles


In all honesty I think Sky High is going to be the sleeper hit of the year once it hits theaters on July 29th. At first glance I think it looks cheesy and childish, but after seeing the trailer on the big screen my opinion has totally changed and this one looks like it could be A LOT of fun, and thanks to Disney we now have 16 looks at the characters that make up the superhero school.

The story of Sky High follows Will, the son of the world’s most legendary superheroes The Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston) as he is sent to the only school the son of superheroes could go to, Sky High. The only problem is that Will ain’t exactly “super” he is more, well, normal, which sends him down to the lowly role of “Sidekick” in his class. But as the year goes on things begin to change with Will and his new found power may be a blessing, but he will be forced to use it if he truly wants to become a “hero.”

If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, do so here, but if you have then you are ready to learn a little more about the characters that make up the film.

Click on any one of the preview images below to get acquainted with 16 faces of Sky High.

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