Is ‘Havoc’ Actually Tame?

Okay, so for some reason people everywhere are so jazzed to see Havoc I had to post this little tidbit of news to suffice the storm, and I also think it gives good reason as to why everyone is so interested in the film.

First off, the rumors of Anne Hathaway giving us some full frontal nudity are false and there is not a vibrator scene as had been rumored, but there are some Hathaway goodies for you pervs to keep an eye out for and an user has seen the film at the Filmfest Munchen 2005 in Munich, Germany and gave an opinion over on the IMDB Boards and also gives interested viewers some serious let-down as the primary motivation for seeing the film is deflated, here is a clip:

Anne [Hathaway] appears topless, Bijou Phillips appears topless, Freddy Rodriguez shows his naked butt. Shiri Appleby is NOT nude. Mike Vogel is NOT nude. There is NO LOWER FRONTAL nudity by anyone in the movie and NO vibrator. The nudity in this movie is very mild compared to plenty of other movies (e.g. Basic Instinct, Eyes Wide Shut, Jude, The Passion of Beatrice). The total amount of time that Anne appears nude in the movie is less than one minute. Barbara Kopple confirmed that the movie has received an R rating. Havoc is far from being pornography and is nothing like Showgirls. So everybody who had called Havoc a porno movie and had bashed Anne for all the extensive nudity when they hadn’t even seen the movie yet must now eat plenty of crow.

To read the rest of AH-Fan’s opinion click here, just know you are going to need a username at IMDB to read the whole thing.

Thanks to for the heads up.

Oh, and for you interested parties, here is the full-size of the preview pic above:


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