Scott Surfaces ‘Shadow Divers’


Ridley Scott is coming off disappointing domestic numbers for his Crusades epic Kingdom of Heaven, but box-office numbers don’t always tell the whole story of a film or a director’s talent and Ridley’s talent isn’t being questioned here, the real question is what can we expect from him in the future, and now we have that answer… Shadow Divers.

Fox 2000 and Ridley Scott are set to adapt the Robert Kurson bestseller, which follows two wreck divers who in 1991 discovered the hull of a German U-boat in waters off New Jersey. The divers spent seven years searching for the truth behind the ship and men who died inside it.

Fox 2000 president Elizabeth Gabler said of the story, “We always felt this material was special, rich and emotional, with phenomenal characters who risked much to learn what fate befell these unknown soldiers at the end of WWII… We brought in Bill Broyles, who did Cast Away for us, and once we got his early draft, showed it to Ridley. He is a tough date, he doesn’t say yes a lot, but he responded immediately.”

Scott isn’t sure if this will be his next film or not considering the prep time needed to get it done right, so stay tuned.

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