‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Transformers’ Banners Revealed


Thanks to the Licensing 2005 International trade show in New York and a snapper over at the Power Rangers message board (Ranger Board) we get a couple of looks at some Transformer, Ghost Rider and even Fantastic Four goodies.

First up is a look at Ghost Rider, literally, and as you can see from the teaser above this is your first look at the art behind the man himself, Johnny Blaze, to be played by Nicholas Cage. To check out the full-size banner click here or the pic above.

Next is the “Transformer” banner and a life-size Optimus Prime model. To check out the banner click here or the pic above and to check out Prime click here.

Finally the Ranger Board also has a look at a banner promoting the new Fantastic Four animated series due out soon. To check that out click here.

I would also like to thank SuperHeroHype! for the heads up on these.

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