Mostow Joins ‘Swiss Family Robinson’


Variety announced today, Disney has set Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3) to helm its remake of Swiss Family Robinson. On top of directing duties Mostow will also take the original draft of the script written by Greg Poirier and rewrite it with Sam Montgomery as they attempt to retell the classic tale of survival as a family is shipwrecked on an uncharted South Pacific island.

Originally the idea was to modernize the picture, but Buena Vista Motion Picture Group prexy Nina Jacobson suggested changing it back to the book’s 19th-century period after she watched the studio’s original pic.

Variety goes on to say that Disney hopes to shoot in Australia next year, but one thing to consider is Mostow is apparently circling the idea of Terminator 4 as well as the fact that he is attached to direct the superhero feature starring Will Smith, Tonight, He Comes.

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