‘Jaws 5’ in ’07?


As Jawsfest ’05 is going along swimmingly Ain’t It Cool News has acquired an interesting scoop from the scene at Martha’s Vineyard that leads us to believe that Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss may be kicking around ideas for a Jaws 5, check out a snippet below, and click here for the rest of the story.

In addition, there’s talk of a new movie. Benchley said at the workshop that he hears rumors of a new movie all the time, but he’s not writing it. “Must be gathering steam because I hear Spielberg and Dreyfuss have discussed it recently…but no, not with me”, he laughs. He said they’d probably have the money to make a great looking shark nowadays. NOW this got me excited – Dreyfuss returning for Jaws 5? and Spielberg? But boy, Benchley really should write it I think.

Later, writer Carl Gottlieb apparently told locals that he’s heard a Summer 2007 release for a new jaws. i didn’t hear any of that – but im sure someone will write in and tell u if they did.

Not exactly set in stone, but if they can bring back the powerful storytelling found in the first Jaws film and couple it with today’s modern technology there may be a great film somewhere in the future. For now, you Jaws fans can get your fill with the 30th Anniversay DVD of Jaws set for shelves on on June 14th, click here to order your own copy.

Thanks to ‘BubbaJoe’ for the heads up.

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