Pike Cast for ‘Devil’


Production Weekly is reporting that Rosamund Pike, of Doom and Die Another Day fame is set to play the lead in a low budget film called Devil You Know.

According to the article Rosamund Pike will play the lead… with James Oakley directing the film in New York this August. Alex Michaelides’ script follows Pike’s character Zoe Hughes, a beautiful, fiery young actress who is attempting to follow in her mother’s thespian footsteps. She is full of anger and hurt and can’t make a connection with her mother who in many ways is unreachable. As the danger escalates for her mother, Zoe is caught up in the events though it is unclear whether she is an intended victim or is playing a different role in the intrigue.

So many great puns to go with here, how about Catch a Pike early next year! or She’s not Doomed to be in a supporting role!. Ok, so not that many great ones, only decent ones.

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