Chiklis Will ‘Rise’ With Liu


Michael Chiklis will next be seen with a bunhc of orange rock all over his body as he plays The Thing in Fox’s upcoming superhero movie The Fantastic Four, but news has now hit the web of his next role beyond that and it seems horror is the way to go.

IGN is reporting from E3 where Chiklis revealed that he has been cast opposite Lucy Liu in Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures horror flick Rise.

The horror was written and is being directed by Sebastian Gutierrez for a 2005 release, and Chiklis was quoted in the article saying, “That genre (horro) can be a little scary. I don’t mean at the theater, I mean it can be scary as an actor to get involved with a project like that because some of them are really well done and some of them are schlock.

“I really responded to Sebastian, I liked him a lot. Lucy Liu I have respect for, and when I heard John Toll was gonna shoot it, I went, ‘All right, you know this picture’s gonna look a certain way.’ So yeah, I’m excited.”

Click here for the rest of the article over at IGN.

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