Governator Back for ‘True Lies 2’?


Based on the negative word on Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s turn as California Governor I can only assume a second term is highly unlikely, that said news out of the BBC that Arnie may be set to reprise his role as Harry Tasker in True Lies 2 doesn’t seem that far fetched, especially considering the fact that the film took the box-office by storm.

The BBC reports that Arnie has given the thumbs up to reprising his secret agent role. With James Cameron in the frame to heft the megaphone again, it looks like the sequel could be a go, although the presence of Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Paxton and Tom Arnold has yet to be confirmed. Wary of offending post-9/11 sensibilities, Cameron is promising ‘a James Bond type film and not a pre-terrorist action film’ – whatever that is.

The news is certainly only rumor, but who wouldn’t like to see a sequel to a movie that surprised the hell out of just about everyone?

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