$1,100 for a ‘Date With Drew’?


Okay, I just got this news in my Inbox, and I can’t make heads or tails of what exactly this is, but I will allow you to make up your own mind, here is how the email read:

I just got this press release from our insider sources and this is the first email out to webmasters regarding this strange new film from DEJ. It sounds pretty crazy, a guy basically bought a camera and shot a documentary in 30 days, returned the camera and now his movie is being released. And Drew Barrymore is the centerpiece.

So, somehow some guy gets a camera AND a date with Drew Barrymore. Then during the date he videos the entire thing and ends up winning “Audience Award – Best Feature” at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival, the “Best Documentary” at the Vail Film Festival and the “Audience Award – Best Feature” at the New York Gen Art Festival?

I am at a loss, but it appears to be the real deal, check out the one sheet for My Date With Drew below and click on it for a HI-RES version. Doesn’t drew look damn good? What happened to the chubs?

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