Heather Graham’s ‘Broken’


Ah summertime, when a boy’s thoughts turn to Heather Graham, word has come down from Production Weekly that Ms. Graham is set to star as a gal named Hope in an indie movie called Broken. The flick is about a waitress coming to terms with mistakes she’s made in her life. Hope, who during a long night of waitressing confronts all the wrong turns she’s made in her short life, and ultimately meets the biggest wrong turn of all: her dangerous bad-boy ex-boyfriend, Will, who’s determined to win back her love or die trying. Graham will begin filming in Los Angeles early in July.

In other Graham related news she’s be shooting a midseason comedy series called Emily’s Reasons Why Not, which is based on Gerlach Cecil’s best selling novel of the same title. Let’s hope she gets to either a) swing dance (Swingers) or b) play a porn star (Boogie Nights) in one of these projects. That would make summertime the most wonderful time of the year!

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