Something ‘Funny’ Down On the ‘Farm’

Kathy Bates has just signed on to play in Mary McGuckian’s new film Funny Farm. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Farm” will employ the same experimental technique as McGuckian’s first film, with the cast choosing their own roles and working without a script. Shooting is scheduled to begin in New Mexico in the fall.

The cast choosing their own roles? The inmates running the asylum?!?!

Also, of note in the article is the film Rag Tale, which is being screened at the “Marche du Film”. Rag Tale follows the same method of actors working it out for themselves, and McGuckian has planned on a third film to complete this self proclaimed “amoral comedic satire trilogy”. After Lord of the Rings I think everyone is looking forward to another trilogy, even if it’s of the amoral comedic satire variety. Stay tuned.


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