Over 2500 Movies in the Database!

In the short time RopeofSilicon.com has been in existence I think I have changed the design of the site about 10 times and have grown from an all HTML site to the database driven site you are enjoying this very minute.

That said, it has been about a year and a half since the site officially got underway and in that time I have consistently added to the movie database and am happy to say that I am considering this day a milestone as the movie database now contains over 2,500 titles spanning all the way back to 1915 with the classic film The Birth of a Nation.

Our database contains every Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award winning movie, aside from a select portion of special awards which have been yet to be added. The RopeofSilicon database also contains 6746 actors and actresses, 1424 directors, 238 movie reviews, 1812 DVDs, 1418 movie clip and trailer links, 214 DVD clip and trailer links, 7311 movie stills and over 2500 news articles.

While RopeofSilicon.com is still a youngster in terms of lifespan we are happy to share the Internet with our loyal visitors, we hope you will continue to enjoy all we have to offer.

If you have the time, join our members in the RopeofSilicon forums and if you ever want to drop us a line do so by visiting our Contact page, I welcome any and all comments, scoops and suggestions.


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