Stone ‘Falls in a Forest’


For me, Sharon Stone‘s career began and ended with Basic Instinct, but it appears the leg crossing queen still has a lot of acting life in her yet as the unnecessary sequel to Basic Instinct is currently in production and Sharon Stone has a whole slew of films she is attached to, and now one more.

Stone has been cast in writer Ryan Eslinger’s $2 million indie project When a Man Falls in a Forest, and I can see the subtitle now reading “Sharon Stone Will Come and Seduce Him then Eat His Heart.”

I kid of course, it appears the most unnatural thing about this news article is that Eslinger is scripting a film for Stone to direct. Now it won’t be this Forest one, in which Stone will play an unhappily married woman, one of four sad, middle-class characters living in a small town in the Midwest, who shoplifts to relieve her suffering.

Eslinger was quoted by Variety saying, “It will be a challenge for her to play a Midwestern housewife.”

As for the directorial debut of Stone, we will have to wait on any big news there as Eslinger is currently penning the script, a script in which he claims mirrors his earlier work, Madness and Genius, which drew critical acclaim at the Toronto Film Festival in 2003.

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