Weinstein Showing Off in France

Variety published an article talking about Harvey Weinstein and how he and director Terry Gilliam plan on showing off about 20-minutes of The Brothers Grimm footage tomorrow during the opening day of the Cannes Film Festival, but along with the news came word of a project I had not yet heard of, a big screen adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s “Killshot.”

The thriller is rumored to star Viggo Mortensen, Diane Lane, Mickey Rouke and Justin Timberlake and will be directed by none other than John Madden. The film follows a woman and her blue-collar husband who become targets for killers after stumbling upon an extortion plot hatched by the baddies.

Killshot is apparently going to be released under the branded Quentin Tarantino Presents label, and produced by Lawrence Bender and Richard Gladstein.

Personally it sounds like Harvey is going to take this Disney separation as motivation and aims to show the world what he can put together. Only time will tell if he can match the success of Miramax, but here is to hoping he can.


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