Bai Ling Cut from ‘Episode III’


Good old PageSix over at the New York Post comes to us with news that Bai Ling has had her part in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode III cut from the film, much to her surprise.

There have been talks all over the Internet that one of the Episode III beauties was going to be posing topless in an upcoming issue of Playboy and we now learn that that somebody is Ling herself and as she told PageSix, she feels that might have been the motivation behind the axe.

“I just found out that my part has been completely cut out of the upcoming Star Wars movie. I do not know what happened,” Ling said.

“I posed for Playboy and it may have been doing that which upset George Lucas. I did not know when Star Wars was going to be released when my manager came to me and said that Playboy wanted me to pose topless.”

While Ling is understandably upset, LucasFilm spokeswoman Lynn Hale told the New York Post that Ling’s sole scene was cut more than a year ago. “It was just one scene,” she said.

Ling was going to be seen as Senator Bana Breemu, an uncredited role when all things are said and done, but I would expect this scene to be restored in the DVD version as Lucas is certainly going to fidget with the film before we are actually able to take it home.

You can check out Ling and her goods in the June issue of Playboy.

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