McGowan in ‘Black Dahlia’

Surprisingly, news that the one-time Marilyn Manson arm candy, Rose McGowan, has filmed a scene in Brian De Palma’s The Black Dahlia came from McGowan’s appearance on MTV’s TRL, and thanks to RoseMcGowanOnline we have the news and for you McGowan fans the site also has video of the announcement.

The Black Dahlia is a fictional telling of the 1947 murder of Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Short and Scarlett Johansson stars as Kay, a doppelganger for the title character, and the object of affection for two police officers (Josh Hartnett and Mark Wahlberg) investigating the brutal murder.

There is no word on what exactly McGowan’s role will be, but I am assuming it will be small.

RoseMcGowanOnline, however, does have a quote from Rose as she describes the film saying, “Its LA film noir shot in Bulgaria, that’s Hollywood baby.”


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