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We certainly had a good week of Home Video updates as last year’s Best Picture winner has been announced as have a couple anniversary editions as well as eight new titles available for the Sony PSP along with menu shots for five of the titles.

First off before we get going I can also tell you that Warner Home Video will be announcing release dates for Constantine, “The West Wing” Season 5, The Polar Express and Alexander: Final Cut soon.

Curious what that Alexander: Final Cut is? Well, if you read our article in which Oliver Stone talks about his disappointment in Alexander you would have also read his comments where he said, “If I could go back, I’d have put events in linear order and limited the voiceovers. I’d have gotten the film to 2½ hours and taken out the homosexuality for the U.S. market and for countries sensitive to such things, like Korea or Greece. Kids weren’t comfortable with men who hugged, a king who cries and expresses tenderness.” That said, it has been made known that this is a definitive director’s cut of the film, and it is not known if the theatrical version will see a home video release, so we may be seeing a shorter and drastically changed film on home video, we should know soon.

With all that said, let’s get to the Download!

Million Dollar Baby 2-Disc and 3-Disc Editions
(July 12th)

Last year’s multiple Oscar winner, including Best Picture, is ready for its DVD debut as Warner Home Video has set a July 12th date for Million Dollar Baby. As you can see from the box-art above their will be two different packages you can purchase, but all-in-all there isn’t a drastic difference between the two.

As of right now we do know that the special features on both will include a James Lipton interview with the stars of the film, a boxing parallel comparing Maggie to real-life boxer Lucia Rijker and a behind-the-scenes featurette. The 3-Disc Collector’s Edition of version of the film will include the film’s soundtrack, which is qualified as the set’s third disc.

Pretty Woman (15th Anniversary Special Edition)
(September 6th)

If you ask me the spirit of double-dipping only benefits those that are yet to purchase the film on DVD in the first place and up next we have a case and point as Buena Vista has announced a 15th Anniversary Edition of Pretty Woman with a 10th Anniversary Edition already on the shelves. When does this become ridiculous?

Anyway, you can check out the special features below, and then click here to compare them to the 10th Anniversary Edition.

• All New Audio Commentary with Director Gary Marshall
• Blooper Reel
• Live From The Wrap Party
• Production Featurette
• “What Women Do” music video performed by Natalie Cole
• Original Theatrical Trailer
Ice Princess
(July 19th)

Ah ha, here we have the “who cares” candidate in today’s Download as the Michelle Trachtenberg $23 million maker hits DVD on July 19th. To check out the special features, just click here, but don’t expect much.

In My Country
(July 5th)

Any Samuel L. Jackson fans out there? Well, here is one that you may have missed. In My Country was released only a month and a half ago and also stars Juliette Binoche and Brendan Gleeson and only brought in $133,594 at the box-office. This is not to say it is a bad film, simply one that may have been overlooked. We have trailer links, a still gallery and all the details on the DVD, just click here to check them out, or skip it all and preorder it now by clicking here.

Toy Story (10th Anniversary Edition)
(September 6th)

Let the anniversaries continue as a 10th Anniversary Edition has been announced for Disney’s Toy Story, it is a bit surprising this isn’t going to be one of Disney’s Platinum releases considering there have already been a couple of separate Toy Story releases, but oh well. We don’t have any package art on this one, but thanks to DVDAnswers we do have the details, listed below.

• “Legacy of Toy Story” featurette
• New “Making-of” documentary
• 10 deleted scenes
• Early animation tests
• Music Video: Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman – “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”
Coyote Ugly (Unrated Special Edition)
(June 7th)

Here we have a title that isn’t a newly announced title, but it is new to the site so I decided to give it a mention as Buena Vista Home Entertainment will be releasing an Unrated Edition of Coyote Ugly on June 7th. The specs on the edition are listed below, but at the same time we have also added a gallery of nine images for the sexy “Coyotes” here.

• Additional 7 minutes of never-before-seen footage including adult-related content
• Deleted Scenes
• Additional Audio Commentary from “The Coyotes,” producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director David McNally
• Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
• LeAnn Rimes Music Video
• “Action Overload” Reel
• Theatrical Trailer
• Sneak Peeks

To preorder this title, click here.

Team America – World Police (Special Collector’s Unrated Edition)
(September 6th)

Thanks to DVDAnswers you can check out menu screens from the Team America – World Police (Special Collector’s Unrated Edition) as well as screenshots from the unrated sex scene, and I do warn you if puppet sex can be explicit than this is explicit. Click here to check out what I am talking about, and click here to preorder the disc for your collection.

The O.C. – The Complete Second Season
(August 23rd)

The second season of the popular Fox series makes its way to DVD on August 23rd and as much as I hate to admit it, I am actually looking forward to this collection as the first season set got me hooked when I had the chance to review it. While I have heard varying levels of satisfaction on the events of the second season the overall result seems to be positive.

As of right now we don’t have any preorder links, but you can check out the special features the set will offer here.

Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Second Season
(July 6th)

With the pending release of the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise fans of the show will be pleased to know that they won’t have to wait long for the second season as it will make it’s way to DVD on July 6th. We don’t have any special feature details yet, but we do have a preorder link, so click here to add yours to your basket.

Sony PSP Titles

Talk about some good Sony PSP updates we have added eight titles to the database along with menu shots for five of the films as Buena Vista Home Entertainment is stepping up with the addition of bonus features to the PSP titles, which is the first time that has been seen and we have all the details below.

Starting off I have listed the five titles below that we have menu shots for, click on any of the titles to head on over to the preview page and check out the shots, you will find them by clicking on the button that says “Click here for looks at menu screens,” and be sure to have your pop-up blocker turned off.

Now you will find eight new Buena Vista titles below, four for June 21st and four for July 19th. Unfortunately none of these are available for preorder as of yet, but once they are we will update the site with the preorder details. Enjoy!

June 21st Titles

King Arthur (Director’s Cut)
· Deleted Scenes with introductions by Steven Lisberger and Harrison Ellenshaw
· Light Cycle scene showcase
· Hostage Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
· Deleted and Extended Scenes
· “Behind The Fangs: the Making of Cursed
· “The Cursed Effects” featurette on the film’s stunning special effects
· “Creature Editing 101”
· “Becoming A Werewolf” Creature creation featurette
July 19th Titles

Kill Bill: Volume 2
· Deleted Scene
Gone in 60 Seconds (Director’s Cut)
· “Zero to 60:” A featurette on the film’s origins, story and script development.
· “Wild Rides:” Come along and see how the film’s incredible car stunts were filmed.
· “Action Overload:” A high-energy montage of the most spectacular action scenes from the film, set to a hard-driving
From Dusk Till Dawn
· Hollywood Goes To Hell – Making-of Featurette
· Deleted Scenes
· On The Set
· Music Video: “After Dark” by Tito & The Tarantulas
· Music Video: “She’s Just Killing Me” by ZZ Top


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