Ferrell Joins ‘Lost’


When I think of the “Land of the Lost” I automatically think of Bill Laimbeer the ex-center for the NBA Championship Detroit Pistons, and while this may seem a bit out of left field it is the one thing that sticks in my head as the 6′ 11″ played the part of Sleestak in a 1974 episode. Seeing the big lug in a rubber alien suit was awesome and now that news coming that Will Ferrell is going to be starring in a feature film version of the classic TV series it just gave me a chuckle.

While Ferrell won’t likely be running around in a rubber suit, he role in the film was not mentioned, but I am assuming he will be taking on the role of Rick Marshall, as the original TV series revolved around forest ranger Marshall and his children, Will and Holly, who are caught in a time vortex while exploring the Colorado River on a raft and transported to a mysterious world. The feature film will be an update of the series, which ran from 1973-1977 on NBC and is due out on DVD this month.

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