Burns Picks His ‘Groomsmen’


Talk about an underused talent, but it seems he likes it that way, as Ed Burns began production on his next venture today.

The film is titled The Groomsmen and Burns wrote the screenplay and will be directing and starring in the film as well. This marks the seventh time Burns will take triple duty for a film, as this one follows the misadventures and confusion of a groom (Ed Burns) and his four groomsmen the week before a wedding. Wrestling with issues of fatherhood, honesty and growing up, the five thirtysomethings discover their extended adolescence might be finally coming to a close.

As for the cast, Burns is joined by Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo, Jay Mohr, Jessica Capshaw, Matthew Lillard, Heather Burns, John Mahoney and Donal Logue.

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