Peet and Cusaks Have a ‘Martian Child’


Nope, we aren’t turning into one of those tabloid mags you read in the grocery store check out lines, this story is for real as Amanda Peet, John Cusack and Joan Cusack have all signed on for roles in New Line Cinema’s The Martian Child.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the flick as a cross between Parenthood and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as John Cusack plays a man who, after the death of his wife, adopts a 7-year-old who believes he’s from Mars. Peet will play Harlee, the best friend of the man’s deceased wife. Joan Cusack will play the sister to her real-life brother’s character.

The screenplay is abased on a short story by David Gerrold. Jonathan Tolins and Seth Bass drafted the script with Menno Meyjes directing.

Haven’t heard much about Meyjes? Well, think back to the Golden Globe-winning film The Color Purple and Spike Lee’s upcoming flick Inside Man, Meyjes wrote the screenplays and he also takes a writing credit on Martian Child as well.

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