‘Fast and Furious 3’ Minus Vin and Paul

Vin Diesel seems to be anti-sequel, either that or studios jsut don’t want him back for a second go around now that he didn’t appear in 2 Fast 2 Furious, the sequel to the surprise hit Fast and the Furious and he was also recently killed off in the Unrated DVD edition of XXX just as Ice Cube is about to play the leading role in XXX: State of the Union.

What is all this leading to? Well, About.com has posted an interview with producer Neal Moritz and the question came up about Fast and the Furious 3, a project that was rumored to potentially bring back Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Toretto, back into the fold, but that is pretty much shot down as Moritz is asked if it was true that he is doing Fast and the Furious 3 without Vin or Paul Walker and the answer was simply, “Yes, it is.”

As far as the story of the film goes and who will be in it is not mentioned but Moritz did say, “Well, we really loved making those two movies and we were looking for a fresh take on how to go into that world again, we came to this idea of going to Japan… It’s where a lot of this stuff started, so it’s about the new level of racing there.”

So for you street racing fans it seems that if there is to be a third film you are going to have to continue waiting, and if you ask me it sounds like a direct-to-video release to me. If you want to read more of the article, which also brings up the Hot Wheels movie, Gridiron Gang, Luke Cage and Johnny Bravo click here.


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