The Rock to Play He-Man?


A scooper from Onehunga, New Zealand sent in a scoop to LatinoReview with a bit of news concerning the feature film adaptation of the popular ’80s cartoon “He-Man” that showed up in their local newspaper, the scooper told the site the following:

Mr John Woo is making a movie version of “Masters of the Universe” and he is getting The Rock to play He-Man. It says it’d be the second of the films he has done with Rock, they are doing one called “Spy Hunter” together. He-Man planned for Summer 2006 release it says.

By the power of Grayskull could this be true?

The movie adaptation of Spy Hunter does star The Rock and John Woo is directing, the script is currently undergoing a rewrite and as for He-Man, there hasn’t been a lot of word spread around, but hopefully this rumor will have a little validity to it, at least it would mean more news would be on the horizon.

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