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Once again another slow week for DVD announcements, but there are a couple you are certain to be interested in, let’s check ’em out.

(June 21st)

The Bruce Willis flick that tried hard not to be Die Hard and sucked the entire way is coming to DVD in June with an audio commentary, behind-the-scenes featurette and deleted and extended scenes. So if wasting money is your thing, this will certainly be a title to look for, click here to preorder it now.

(April 19th)

This isn’t exactly a new title, considering it will be hitting DVD shelves on Tuesday, but I did just add it to the database so I thought I would bring it up. Malevolence is an independent horror flick that really feels like one as far as the story and action are concerned, but this DVD does have some special features that horror and film enthusiasts may be interested in, click here to read my review and order it if you like.

The Jacket
(June 21st)

The Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody bore fest is coming to DVD June 21st with an expected limited number of special features including a “Project History” featurette, deleted scenes (maybe we will find out what Brody’s character was doing in Vermont) and a “The Look of The Jacket” documentary. While the movie isn’t exactly the greatest you Knightley lovers will finally get the chance to check out the beauty sans clothes as she bares all for American audiences.

The title isn’t yet available at Amazon, but stay tuned as we will update the The Jacket DVD page once it is.

Gladiator (3-Disc Extended Edition)
(June 7th)

Here is the title that takes the cake for the week as Universal is planning a 3-Disc Extended Edition DVD for the Oscar-winner Gladiator. Thanks to DVDAnswers we have a full list of specs, but we also learn that while the original release had a DTS audio track this one will not due to space constraints, which is crap if you ask me, add on another disc if that is the case, why cheat us?

Anyway, my complaining isn’t going to fix it, and while this title isn’t offered at Amazon yet either just stay tuned, we will get you the Buy Now link as soon as it is. For now check out the list of specs provided by DVDAnswers below:

Disc One: Extended Feature Film
· Widescreen Extended Edition of the Film, with 17 Minutes Additional Footage
· Original Theatrical Cut of the Film
· Introduction to Extended Cut by Director Ridley Scott
· An “Are You Not Entertained?” Trivia track with Historical References etc
· Deleted Footage Marker. Guide to help identify the newly restored footage.

Disc Two: Behind the Scenes
· Strength and Honor: Creating the World of Gladiator Documentary (200 Mins)
· Tale of the Scribes: Crafting the story
· The Tools of War: Weapons and vehicles
· Attire of the Realm: Costume Design
· The Heat of Battle: 3 Production Journal Featurettes
· Resurrecting Proximo: Digitally Salvaged Scenes with actor Oliver Reed
· The Glory of Rome: Oscar-winning Visual Effects
· Echoes in Eternity: The film’s release and global impact

Disc Three: Image and Design
· Production Design Primer and Gallery
· Storyboard Demonstrations and Comparisons
· Abandoned Sequences
· Ridleygrams: Ridley Scott’s own sketches
· Costume Design Gallery
· Photo Galleries
· Deleted Scenes
· Letters From the Front: Authentic memos on the challenges of production
· Commodus Screen Test (Joaquin Phoenix)
· Visual Effects Explorations
· An Evening with Russell Crowe
· And Much More!

Bride and Prejudice
(July 5th)

Bride and Prejudice puts an entirely different spin on Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” – Bollywood-style. Bend It Like Beckham helmer Gurinder Chadha transports the comic tale of a witty young woman trying to find a suitable husband to a cross-cultural setting that spans 21st century India, London and America.

There aren’t any features listed for this one yet, but you can preorder it by clicking here.

Dear Frankie
(July 5th)

Another title minus any special features listed is Dear Frankie starring Emily Mortimer and Gerard Butler in a film following nine-year-old Frankie and his single mum Lizzie who have been on the move ever since Frankie can remember, most recently arriving in a seaside Scottish town.

No features listed, but just like Bride and Prejudice this one does have a preorder page over at Amazon.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman
(June 28th)

Next up is Diary of a Mad Black Woman which did fairly well at the box-office considering the limited number of theaters it was in and with it comes a few features several of you will be interested in including a feature commentary with author Tyler Perry, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes making-of featurette, “Who Is Tyler Perry?” featurette, “You Can Do It…It’s Electric” featurette and a few trailers.

The title will be available on June 28th, so click here to preorder yours.

Hide and Seek
(July 5th)

Finally is the horror DUD starring Dakota Fanning and Robert “Who Cares if My Movies Suck” De Niro. Hide and Seek was an utterly pitiful movie that insults the audience at every turn and as if the original ending wasn’t bad enough the DVD is boasting 4 Seamlessly Branched Alternate Endings with optional Commentary along with 14 Deleted/Extended Scenes with optional commentary, 3 Pre-Vis Sequences and a Making of Featurette.

Hide and Seek will be available on July 5th, but my recommendation before even reviewing the DVD is to hide and do not seek this title, but if you choose to ignore my recommendation simply click here to preorder your very own silver Frisbee.

Miracles – The Complete Series
(April 19th)

I am simply mentioning this one because I know there has to be at least one person out there that was pissed off that “Miracles” never finished its entire first season run and the thought of owning the entire series on DVD is music to your ears.

The Skeet Ulrich thriller follows Paul Callan (Ulrich), an investigator of modern miracles. While consistently disappointing hopeful believers by finding simple explanations for “miraculous phenomena,” Paul finds his own faith sorely tested. Then something happens to reignite his passion for discovery and he joins a team that works to uncover the unexplained.

The set offers a good amount of features including seven episodes that never saw their way to American TV, commentaries, deleted scenes and an interview with creator Richard Hatem. We also have a trailer for the set, click here to check that out and once there, if you enjoy, buy away.

Home Improvement – The Complete Second Season
(June 7th)

Ending our third edition of the DVD Download is the Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor comedy sitcom, “Home Improvement” – The Complete Second Season. Available on June 7th this set includes the complete second season on three discs and the featurette “Loose Screws, Part 2” featuring the funny moments and bloopers from season two.

This one is available for preorder, just click here and to check out our season one review head on over here.

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