‘Spider-Man 3’ Claims Two Villains?


Well there was always rumor that two villains would be taking the stage in what is thought to be the final Spider-Man flick, but who could they be?

It wasn’t too long ago that Ain’t-It-Cool-News brought the idea to the Net that the Sandman would be one of them and now LatinoReview has received a scoop as to who the second villain may be, the scooper told the site:

“Yes the Sandman will be in Spider-Man 3 but he’s not the only villain. And no it isn’t Black Cat like some people were suggesting. It will be SANDMAN AND HOBGOBLIN.”

Unless you live under a rock or cannot put two and two together it should be pretty obvious Harry Osborne won’t be the one turning into the Sandman considering he just found all that cool gear in his house so that leaves the Hobgoblin, but this is all still rumor until confirmed as LatinoReview doesn’t even cliam the story to be official yet.

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