Bullet Tooth Tony as Juggernaut in ‘X3’?


Anyone who saw Snatch knows Vinnie Jones as Bullet Tooth Tony, but it seems we may come to know him as Juggernaut as Ain’t-It-Cool-News and IGN FilmForce are reporting some more X3 news, this time telling us that another character in the X-Men family just may be the big red meanie.

According to the Marvel Directory Juggernaut is one bad man who can lift (press) over 100 tons and he is so strong that nothing has yet stopped him permanently from advancing.

AICN goes on to say that two different websites with two (or more) different sources have confirmed that the X3 camp wants Vinnie Jones for a villain, specifically Juggernaut.

Stay tuned as I am sure more and more X3 news is bound to come out soon.

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