Murro Engineering ‘Train’ Remake

I am not too sure how I feel about messing with a REALLY good thing, especially when it is one of the masters you are messing with as Noam Murro has just been set as director on the remake of the Alfred Hitchcock flick Strangers on a Train over at Warner Bros.

My first instinct would be to simply re-release the classic and let us all enjoy Farley Granger and Robert Walker once again as the two join forces in a murdurous plot, one will kill an executive’s mistress and in return wants him to murder his sister… What could be better?

Murro is probably best known for leaving The Ring 2 project, and for obviously good reason based on how that film turned out, but how well a remake of the classic story will turn out is up in the air. I am sure we all remember the Psycho debacle of 1998 as Universal tried to kick start the Norman Bates story with Vince Vaughn as the mamma’s boy killer.


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