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Just to warn you before you go too far there are some slight SPOILERS ahead, but nothing that will completely ruin the movie for you so read on knowing that.

As for the story, we have an awesome update coming in from Bloody-Disgusting consisting of story, casting and blood for Saw 2.

The good folks at recently let us in on the fact that Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) would both be back for Saw 2 and while confirming this news with writer/director James Wan lets us in on what the two will be up to:

Without giving too much away…you find out that Shawnee’s character did not learn to appreciate the second chance that she earned from the first film. And Tobin’s character, Jigsaw, is a prominent figure in this one. In the first film, he was hardly seen but his presence was felt everywhere.

As for story Wan tells the site, “It’s really hard to talk about it without giving it way… Jigsaw is dying, but he’s looking to beat his illness. And he believes, with his last set of games, it will provide him with the cure for his cancer. And what is the cure for death… Immortality.

Best of all, when Wan was asked how bloody the film will be he replied, “Let me cut to it, Saw 2 is going to be NASTY! There are scenes in this one that makes me squirm just thinking about it.

Wan also goes into detail about his next film, which was recently greenlit called Silence, so to read more about that, and more on Saw 2 click here to read the complete interview, it is well worth your gore lovin’ time.

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