Giamatti and Howard Caught in Night’s ‘Water’

Just days after it was announced that M. Night Shyamalan was taking his next project, Lady in the Water, from his familiar setting over at the Mouse House to the WB we learn that he is moving quickly on casting efforts as he has already tapped Bryce Dallas Howard and Paul Giamatti in the lead roles.

Shyamalan has cast Giamatti as the building super who finds a sea nymph in his apartment building’s pool, which brings up Bryce’s name as she has been cast as the title character.

The film is set to begin production in August for a release in July 2006.

Shyamalan was the one that gave Howard her first feature film break as he cast her in the lead role in his 2004 effort The Village, among other upcoming efforts for the young actress she is also cast in Lars von Trier’s Dogville follow-up Manderlay and As You Like It for director Kenneth Branaugh.

As for Giamatti, I think we all know he is coming off two consecutive great years starting with American Splendor in 2003 and last year’s big hit Sideways. He will next be seen in the Oscar-bait film from Ron Howard Cinderella Man with Russell Crowe in the lead role and then The Illusionist in 2006.


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