Crowe and Howard Together Again?

Russell Crowe and Ron Howard enjoyed a wealth of success with the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, and now they aim to do the same with this year’s Cinderella Man, and the two don’t seem to be satisfied stopping there as Variety reports Howard and Crowe are eyeing The Power of Duff.

The story was scripted by Stephen Belber for Universal with DreamWorks on as a co-production partner.

Variety tells us that negotiations are just getting under way for Crowe to play a TV news anchor whose grief over his father’s death prompts him to pray aloud during newscasts. When his prayers begin getting answered, the newsman becomes a most controversial TV figure.

To catch Crowe in action as boxer, Jim Braddock, check out Cinderella Man on June 3 and stay tuned for more news on The Power of Duff, as I am sure if there are any confirmations we will know sometime soon.

As for Ron Howard he has The Da Vinci Code currently on his plate with an expected release date of May 19, 2006, which also means that Howard won’t be available for his next film until 2006.


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