‘Fantastic Four’ ShoWest Footage

Originally I wondered just why exactly Fox made LatinoReview take down their bootlegged copy of the ShoWest footage that was shown promoting Fox’s upcoming release The Fantastic Four, but now I have my answer.

The official Fantastic Four website is offering up an Easter Egg to give you a look at the ShoWest footage, but you must pay attention to the instructions!

First: Click here to go to the official site.

Second: After the Flash introduction push the “F4” button.

Third: You will be told that you are heading into the “Von Doom Archives” from which you will have access to a “classified video”.

There you have it, click the pic below to get your peek, and enjoy! Also, I wouldn’t expect this to be the last time features will be shown in the “Von Doom Archives” considering there are five more “classified” sections yet to be made available.

Fantastic Four opens everywhere on July 8th.


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