Perlman Drops a Dabble of ‘Hellboy 2’ News


While news on the Hellboy 2 front has been minimal, to say the least, since the sequel was announced back in May ’04 it is nice to see a smidgen of news coming from Ron Perlman himself via E! Online.

The entertainment news site caught up with Ron at the Independent Spirit Awards and talked to the actor about the flick, here is how it went down:

Will there be a Hellboy sequel?
Yes. I think we start shooting in the fall.

And which characters will be returning?
I’m not privy to those 125 pages, but I think I have a nice-size role.

Do you think it’ll eventually be a trilogy?
You know, you make them one at a time, but I would say that if there are more Hellboys in the future, then I’m very blessed, because he’s a guy I could play every day for the rest of my life and never grow tired of.

There you have it, not much but enough…

I hope Guillermo is spinning this one right and good as a successful Hellboy trilogy is something I think any movie geek would enjoy.

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