More ‘X3’ News on the Angel Gender Bender


Rumors, rumors, rumors… they drive the online movie news society and a couple of today’s rumors are confirmed and at the same time going through a bit of sexual transformations.

Earlier today news was circulating out of Ain’t It Cool News on the new characters to be added to X-Men 3, they included Gambit, Beast and Angel, and while they will be in the movie the level of their involvement may have been a bit off, not only in their involvement, but in their gender.

AICN posted that Gambit would be a major character in the next film, Beast would also be getting a good part and that Angel would also be making an appearance and that the male character from the comics would actually be played by a female.

Now IGN FilmForce has taken that news to their “super-secret X3 insider” to find out what was true and what may be a bit off.

As for the characters the news is true, but for their involvement and gender there are a couple of discrepancies, here is a tidbit from the IGN report.

IGN FilmForce checked with its super-secret X3 insider who declared that “Angel is male!” We were advised that Angel (a.k.a. Warren Worthington III) will be a “major character” as will Beast.

Beast will be seen in his transformed state and will be played by a different actor than Steve Bacic, who appeared as Hank McCoy in X2.

Overall, our source confirmed the rest of the AICN report as accurate but emphasized that “Gambit is not a major character.” While the ragin’ Cajun enjoyed a relationship with Rogue in the comics, it’s uncertain whether that will be a part of X3 in any way (or how any potential affair will sit with Rogue’s current beau, Bobby “Iceman” Drake).

IGN’s source also revealed that Cyclops is still in the movie but not as a major character. They would not reveal anything more about his part but did confirm that Matthew Vaughn is indeed on-board to direct.

So you that desire a direct comic-to-film translation should be happy about the news, and those of you looking for a large Gambit role will just have to keep your fingers crossed for an X4.

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