Nakata Eyes ‘The Eye’


Hideo Nakata will see his latest film, The Ring 2, hit North American theaters in only four days, but that isn’t stopping him from preparing his next move as he has been tapped to direct The Eye, a feature adaptation of the hit Japanese film of the same name.

Very similar in style to The Grudge and The Ring, The Eye revolves around a blind woman who undergoes a risky cornea transplant operation that restores her vision, but causes a series of inexplicable events and visions. Unable to decipher what is real from what is a trick of her new eyes, Mun goes on a desperate path to uncover the truth and find out what it is that she is seeing through her new eyes.

Now when I say this film is similar to The Ring and The Grudge I mean it, the creepy kids and quick camera moves are definitely a rush. If I were you I would definitely check this one out on DVD before it receives its American-ized treatment.

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