Aniston and Streep are ‘Wanted’ Women


Before Jennifer Aniston‘s skin turns to actual leather it seems they are trying to get her in as many movies as possible, and this time it is opposite Meryl Streep in Wanted an adaptation of Kim Wozencraft’s novel of the same name.

Despite the divorce fun the pic will be set-up at Aniston and Brad Pitt‘s production company Plan B over at Warners with a director yet to be named.

The story in Wozencraft’s book follows Diane Wellman (Aniston), a female cop in Texas is framed for narcotics trafficking and sent to prison. Her cellmate is Gail Rubin, a war protester (Streep) who’s renounced violence, and the two plot an escape.

Both Diane and Gail have been done wrong. They want revenge. And they are willing to risk everything to find a way out of the nightmare their lives have become. When the two of them make a break for it, they delve into the crime for which Diane has been put away, and they uncover a bigger conspiracy than they can even imagine. And once they’re on the run, there is no turning back.

So picture Aniston as a cop, Streep in jail, try not to laugh and consider how good this one could possibly be.

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