Paramount is ‘Invincible’

Hey! Guess what! There is another comic-book movie coming!

Yeah, if you are just as bored with these announcements as I am that makes me feel much better, however it must be reported as Paramount Pictures has bought the rights to Robert Kirkman’s teen-superhero comic “Invincible.”

The idea will hopefully become a franchise starrer as Paramount hopes to get into the superhero game.

The story is based on the Image Comics series about the coming of age of teen Mark Grayson, son of the world’s most powerful superhero. The film will focus on the father/son dynamic during the time that the son, who appears to be a normal teen, begins to exhibit his father’s powers.

This film also marks Kirman’s first screenplay as he recently signed an overall deal with Marvel and was nommed last year for an Eisner Award for best new series.


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