Campbell Talks ‘Casino Royale’

While the jury is still out on who will actually be stepping into James Bond’s tux for the highly anticipated next film in the James Bond series, Casino Royale, it is not a question who will be directing as GoldenEye director Martin Campbell has already filled those shoes.

Campbell reinvigorated the series along with Pierce Brosnan with GoldenEye and hopes to do the same as we head back to the roots of the classic Bond character as Casino Royale was the first Bond adventure written by Ian Fleming in 1953.

Campbell talked a bit about the film to New York Daily News and we have posted a couple of tidbits below:

“There are things that will have to be changed from the original novel,” says Campbell. “The Cold War elements will have to be reconfigured, for example, but ‘Casino Royale’ will be a grittier, tougher and more realistic Bond movie.

“We’ll be getting away from the huge visual effects kind of films… In the new film, Bond is essentially starting out in his career, and has just recently become part of the double-0 section.”

“The idea is to put a bit of the dash back in Bond. By the end of the movie, the character will have been forged into the wiser, harder Bond we know.”

“In the novel, Bond smokes 70 cigarettes a day – unbelievable. And he gets a little drunk.”

To get even more from Campbell including some spoilers revealing the storyline from the original book click here to read the rest of the article.


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