2005 OSCAR PREVIEW: Best Actor


The Breakdown:
I really don’t see the point in even discussing this one as Jamie Foxx has all but given his acceptance speech. Foxx is this year’s Theron as he shocked the world with his captivating portrayal of the late Ray Charles that had us all doing double takes just to ensure it wasn’t actually Ray on the big screen.

The one thing that should not be lost in this race though is the fact that Best Actor is certainly the strongest of this year’s Oscar categories as all five men are certainly worthy of nominations and even a win, there are even fellas looking in from the outside that deserve recognition… “Hello Mr. Giamatti.”

DiCaprio stands as probably Foxx’s closest competition as he turned his best performance to date in The Aviator and Eastwood certainly shocked me with his most emotional role to date, a role in which he pulled off masterfully. Johnny Depp certainly gave a performance no one will scoff at and Don Cheadle is finally getting recognition for what years of excellent performances, while he probably won’t be winning the Oscar he definitely stands one notch above “happy to be nominated.”

Look for Foxx to win this one, but don’t be surprised if the Academy throws a wrench in the works.

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