‘Saw 2’ Moving Along


Bloody-Disgusting comes to us with an update on the status of the sequel to last year’s horror hit Saw.

Saw 2: Hacksaw is currently slated for an October release and with time winding down and a script not complete some may wonder just how exactly is this going to be put together. Well, apparently you should worry no more as BD had this to say:

Tonight I come home to find out that everyone online is freaking out and asking, “what the f–k’s the deal?” Well it’s time to set the record straight, I got the following update straight from the horses mouths and it should bring a smile to many peoples faces- I talked with two of the producers over at Evolution tonight at the Saw DVD release party and they wanted me to make it clear to everyone that Saw 2 WILL make it to theaters by October. The script is almost done and everything is coming along nicely. Expect some big news in the coming weeks.

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