Mendes Joins ‘Ghost Rider’


Talk about a buried little news tidbit that should have gotten much more prominance. In a story initially discussing the upcoming Will Smith and Eva Mendes flick, Hitch, there is a tiny blurb attaching Mendes to the upcoming comic book adaptation Ghost Rider.

The blurb reads as follows:

And big news for the aforementioned Mendes: She has just signed to co-star with Nicolas Cage and Wes Bentley in Mark Steven Johnson’s Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider is another comic from the Marvel Comics property and features a hellish motorcyclist out for vengeance after he is double crossed, all in the interest of protecting the woman he loves.

Nic Cage is taking the starring role in this one and one can only assume Mendes will be taking on the role of the woman being protected.

Shooting begins this month in Australia.

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